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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our clients don't know how the Internet works, they just know how to use it. When you have a website developed and launched on the Internet, you are taking your Internet experiences to a whole new level. Many times, this can get very complex and confusing. Generally, a large portion of our initial consultations involve our clients asking us questions regarding the process of developing a website, how it works, our experiences, etc. We have compiled some of these questions for your reference.

1. How much does a website cost from Ricketts?

This of course if the number one question and the answer is pretty much the same, it depends. The cost of the price will be determined solely on the tasks to be completed such as the design work, programming features, database development, etc.

Generally, a website from Ricketts starts around $2,500-$3,000 for a basic website. However, our basic websites are much more than some of our competitors basic websites. Our basic websites come with a custom, world class design that includes unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy. We won't begin any programming work until you have given us a final approval on the design. All Ricketts websites also come with our custom Ricketts Online Application Management (ROAM) Control Panel that allows you to easily create pages, edit existing pages and even restore a page to a previous version. Furthermore, when you hire Ricketts to build your website, it is always built on our development servers and you will receive a link to view the progress the entire way. Once your website has been completed, we provide in-depth training to teach you how to use your website, how to read the visitor analytic tracking statistics (included free with every website) and how to use your hosting control panel to create new email addresses and other important tasks.

When you start getting into custom web applications and eCommerce, the price goes up significantly as does the work to complete the project. Please request your free proposal today to find out how much your project will cost by clicking the link at the end of the main navigation.

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2. How much does a logo and other print material cost from Ricketts?

This again is another area where price will vary from client to client and project. Generally, our logos start around $300. This price can go up depending on your vision for the logo. If the logo you require involves hand-drawn custom artwork, then the price will be much higher as the amount of work involved increases significantly. As with our website design mockups, you will be allowed unlimited revisions of your logo until your are 100% happy.

For other print material, the costs will vary depending on the type and the extent of work to be involved. For business cards, envelopes and letterheads, the cost is generally $120 per side. The costs for other print material such as brochures, booklets, flyers, etc will depend on the extent of work involved and vary from project to project. We offer discounted rates for those who do multiple items in a single project. Please contact us today for exact pricing on your graphic design and print material needs.

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3. How do we pay for the work?

Generally, our payment structure is on a 50/50 scale. We will require a 50% down payment to begin the work and a signed contract. Upon completion of the work and prior to delivery, we will require the final 50%. We accept checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

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4. Do you offer monthly payment plans?

Yes! We are always willing to work with our clients anyway we can. We do offer monthly payment plans that are setup on a project to project basis. Our payment plans are not financed through a bank or any other sort of financial institution. Our payment plans are something we offer to our clients out of our pocket. This option is not available for all projects and clients. Generally we do charge a small APR that is usually lower than an average credit card. If you are setup on a payment plan, we will require that you host with us and keep a credit card on file for automated recurring billing (ARB). There will be provisions in the contract outlining the payment structure, including the APR, dates of payments, etc. Please contact us for more information regarding this.

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5. How long does it take to complete my website?

This is a question that has variable answers. The best answer is it depends on the size of your project and our current workload. Generally, for basic promotional websites, the time frame is usually 3-4 weeks, upon the design mockup approval and prompt client participation. The reason we start the time frames after the design has been approved is because this process can be as quick as 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks. If the client is happy with our initial concept (most clients are) and have minor changes, the design approval process will be quick. If the client needs approval from multiple people and wants to see different changes, this process can take much longer.

Time frames also depend on prompt client participation. If we are in need of your input, content or anything we ask for, we need prompt responses. If we ask for something and it takes several days or even weeks to hear back, the time frame is no longer applicable to the project.

For custom web applications and eCommerce websites, the development process is much longer. Please contact us today to find out details regarding how long your project will take.

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6. How does my website stay online?

Your website requires a hosting account to be created and incur monthly fees. You are free to host your website anywhere that offers Microsoft .NET hosting platforms. We recommend to use our hosting services as it can save you time and money in the long run. Our hosting fees are generally $29.99 per month and increase if your account requires more resources than a standard account.

If you host elsewhere, there is a fee to transfer your site to your desired host and Ricketts will not be responsible for application errors caused by the host's setup and network changes. If trouble shooting of issues is determined to be caused by the host, additional fees apply. If we are required to work with your host for DNS management, permission issues, server setup, etc, additional fees will apply. As you can see, it is much better to stay on our reliable, fast and secure network hosted right here in a tier 3 data center in Tampa, FL.

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7. Are there any additional fees after the initial development costs?

Yes, every website must have web hosting which is a monthly fee. Our fee's are generally $29.99 per month. Other fees would include yearly domain registration fees, which are minimal and vary between domain extensions. Ricketts' .com extensions are $29.99 per year and include complete management from Ricketts and notifications of renewals. Discounts are applied to those who pay for several years in advance. Discounts are also applied to hosting accounts that pay in advance.

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8. Can I manage my own website or do I need to contact you? Are there additional fees for this?

Yes, you can manage your own website. Every site we develop comes with our custom Ricketts Online Application Management (ROAM) Control Panel that allows you to easily create pages, edit existing pages and even restore and existing page to a previous version. We will provide you with an in-depth training session on how to use and manage your new website. There are no additional fees for this and is included with your initial development costs.

If you do not wish to do it yourself, of course we are here to do it for you. There are additional fees involved to have us update your site for you. The only other way you would have additional fees for updates is if you want to add functionality or modules to your website that was not included in the initial development. All pricing is done up-front so you know exactly how much it will cost to complete the tasks.

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9. Where are you located?

We are located in the Tampa, Florida area and are available to travel to our clients within this area. However, we offer services and have clients all over the United States. We do not meet 80% of our clients and most everything is done via phone, email and fax. If you are in the Tampa area and wish to meet face to face, we are always happy to do so!

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10. Is search engine optimization (SEO) included with my website?

Yes, on-site search engine optimization (SEO) is included with your website. We are on-site experts and develop your site to have the best chance to rank for your desired key terms. However, there is much more to SEO and showing up in the search engine result pages (SERPs) than just good on-site SEO.

Off-site SEO is very important to the success of a website and is visibility and placement in the SERPs. This service is not included with your website costs and is additional. The costs for this is a monthly fee that we do not offer to all industries. Off-site SEO is a very tricky and delicate process and if done incorrectly, can be devastating to your website. Some industries just do not have a good base to build off-site SEO and therefore we do not take the risk to force it and end up hurting the website. Please contact us for more information regarding off-site SEO.

Another way to generate traffic is to use paid marketing services such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. These methods prove very effective and are a great way to generate traffic and business for a new website. Please visit our web marketing services page for more information.

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11. How can I see who is coming to my website?

All of our websites come free with Google Analytics installed. This will tell you everything about your visitors including how they landed on your site, the pages they visited, how long they stayed on the site, where they are located geographically, what devices they used (pc, mobile, etc) and several other important data related to your site and its visitors. Upon completion of your website, we provide you with an in-depth training session on how to use and read Google Analytics.

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12. Do you own the website or do I?

At Ricketts, you own your website. You have access to all code, copy, photos and files associated. If for any reason you wish to no longer be with us, you are absolutely free to take your site and do with it whatever you please.

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13. Do I need to provide the content and photos or do you?

We can provide you with stock photos and placeholder text. The placeholder text is Lorem Ipsum latin text to show you how long the verbiage on the page should be. If you do not wish to write your own content, we do provide copy writing services for additional fees. While in development, if you have your own text and photos, you can provide it to us at anytime to include in the site. We always recommend to save at least one piece for you to do yourself during our training session so you can learn first hand how to edit the pages content with real information.

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14. Is my website and data backed up?

At Ricketts, we keep a back-up of your site files forever. We also have your website files and database backed up, off-site, every single night. In the rare case of file or data loss, we can restore your files and data to the previous backup. However, our servers run a RAID setup meaning that we run mirrored hard drives simultaneously so that if one, or even multiples go down or crash, there are others ready to pickup the load and never miss a beat. Our server storage is hot swappable which means we can switch out hard drives without ever having to take the service offline. So the likely hood of loss is extremely unlikely.

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