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Who Is Ricketts Anyways?


Our Company


Innovating The Internet Since 2007

Ricketts was started in May of 2007 by Tony Ricketts, a long time web developer and entrepreneur. Tony felt there was a huge need for a web design and development company that was owned and operated by an expert in the industry, not someone in a suit sitting behind a desk calling the shots. Once Ricketts was launched, this vision became very apparent by the overwhelming growth of company almost instantly. To this day, Ricketts maintains and practices the very principles that created the success of the company in every project.

Message From Tony
Message From Tony:
"When I started Ricketts, I wasn't rich. I didn't have a huge contact list. I had a set of skills and the determination to provide quality services that produced results on the Internet. I've worked for development firms and have seen first hand the mistakes that the big firms make. Those who know me have heard me say, "it doesn't matter how big my company ever gets, I'll be the biggest small company in the world". I treat every client as if they are my only client and execute every project as if it were my own. I built this company from the ground up, without investing a dime in advertising, and still to this day, more than 90% of our work comes from our client referrals, and I sincerely thank you for that."
Tony Ricketts, President
Message From Tony

Tony Ricketts, President & Developer

Tony Ricketts, President of Ricketts

Tony has a long background of website design and development. He developed his first website in 1996 at the age of 10. Since then, he has developed skills in graphic design, in-depth computer and web programming, database administration, server administration and web marketing. Tony is a pioneer of the Internet and has developed hundreds of websites for hundreds of clients in a variety of different industries.

Tony has great experience and knowledge in Microsoft's .NET development platform and even writes articles to educate other web developers of the best practices in web development standards. Tony's articles have been viewed by thousands of web designers and developers alike. His articles have even been selected by Microsoft to be featured on their developer community.

Angela Ricketts, Graphic Design & Support

Angela Ricketts

Angela works side by side with her husand every day. She is a great artist and established graphic designer. Angela creates all of the graphics you see on Ricketts' client's websites, logos and print material.  She has always been an excellent artist in free-hand drawing and after meeting Tony, she made the jump into computerized graphics.

Many of the graphics and logos you see produced by Ricketts has started as a hand drawn concept by Angela. These hand drawn concepts are then computerized and turned into vector graphics ready for the web and print. Angela has great experience in the state-of-the-art Adobe software used by Ricketts to generate these unique and innovative creations.